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Bossie's Biltong
Beer's Best Buddy

Multi-award winning Biltong proudly  produced in Buckinghamshire.
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Our Story.

Introducing Bossie's Biltong - Beer's Best Buddy®. A premium quality biltong made by the Bossie's family themselves. Our journey began with the disappointment of only being able to find dry boot leather biltong. That was until a friend gifted us our first biltong box in 2009. This experience inspired us to create a range of high quality, artisan biltong. Using only the finest cuts of beef, each piece is handcrafted and seasoned with a unique blend of herbs and spices for an authentic South African taste. Our biltong is air-dried to perfection, resulting in a tender, succulent texture that's packed with deliciousness. Whether you're a biltong connoisseur or just looking to try something new, Bossie's Biltong is sure to impress.


Neville, an enthusiastic blockman, managed to source his first beef silverside muscle from Smithfields Meat Market in the early hours of one weekday morning back in 2009. Through a lot of trial and error he finally developed a recipe that he was happy with and so began the journey into creating his now famous golden packets of deliciousness. Based in Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, Bossie and Mrs Bossie produce high quality, fresh beef biltong on a weekly basis, using the best quality meat sourced from a family run farm based in Yorkshire.


We take pride in using only 100% English bred and raised beef, which means our product is not only delicious but also ethically sourced. Our secret recipe and technique produce the traditional South African taste and texture that biltong lovers crave. With every bite, you'll experience a rich, savory flavour that will leave your taste buds dancing. Trust us when we say, once you try our biltong, you won't be able to resist it!


Best Biltong in Buckinghamshire 

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Our Testimonials.


Ellie Brady

Just received our first order of Bossie’s Biltong. It’s amazing! We’ve scoffed half a packet already,Will definitely be buying again!

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Micky Molloy

We bought some beer sticks and dry wors from the Henley Christmas market last night, and I can honestly say it is the best we have had in Europe


Anton Costa

Compliments to you on a well made product and the polite and friendly service I received yesterday. All the best

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