Bossie's Biltong
Beer's Best Buddy

Producing high quality small batch, artisan biltong using only the finest beef silverside available to us.

Our Story.

The Bossie's family (of Dutch and English descent) decided to emigrate to England from South Africa back in 2008. We struggled to find good quality biltong for a long time and felt that we were destined to eat dry boot leather biltong for the rest of our lives. That was until we were gifted our first biltong box by a friend in 2009. Neville aka Bossie, studied to be a blockman (butcher) back in SA and immediately started developing his recipe.


He managed to source his first beef silverside muscle from Smithfields Meat Market in the early hours of one weekday morning. Through a lot of trial and error he finally developed a recipe that he was happy with and so began the journey in to creating our famous golden packets of deliciousness...Based in Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, Bossie and Mrs Bossie, produce high quality, fresh beef biltong on a weekly basis, using the best quality meat sourced from Smithfields Meat Market as well as a family run farm based in Yorkshire.


The beef we use is 100% English bred and raised and combined with our secret recipe and technique we are able to get closer to that traditional South African biltong taste and texture that we love and enjoy, and we are certain that you will love it too!


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