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Indulge in the ultimate meaty treat with our 85g Dry Beef Stokkies / Beer Sticks. These extra-dry strips of stir-fry style beef are perfect for satisfying your primal cravings. With a Smokey BBQ flavour, a pickled beef taste, and a slight hint of chilli at the end, these Beer Sticks are definitely very addictive. Personally, we enjoy the ones with a bit of fat on them. Whether you're enjoying a cold beer or just need a quick snack, our Beer Sticks are the perfect companion. Try them today and discover why they're Beer's Best Buddy®.

85g Dry Beef Stokkies / Beer Sticks

Out of Stock
  • Strips of slightly smokey BBQ chilli beef sticks, extra dry and chewy. Be warned! This product may bring out the neanderthal in you. Please note that this product is only produced 4 times a year. Please email me should you want to place an order so that you don't miss out.

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