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Introducing our new Chilli-flavoured, Olive Fed Wagyu beef biltong, made with premium Wagyu beef sourced from Yorkshire. Our biltong is marinated with a gentle chilli seasoning that provides a warming sensation without overpowering the delicious flavour of the beef. This biltong is perfect for everyone, except for the hardcore chilli enthusiasts, as it offers a perfect balance of heat and savoury goodness. The Olive Fed Wagyu beef biltong is the ultimate snack for any occasion, and it pairs perfectly with a cold beer, making it the ideal companion for any social gathering. Try our Chilli-flavoured Olive Fed Wagyu beef Biltong and experience the unbeatable flavour and quality of Beer's Best Buddy®.

Chilli - Olive-Fed Wagyu Beef Biltong 85g -Sliced

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